English Goat Breeders Association

 E-mail : info@egba.org.uk

  Tel. 01296 640842   Chairman

 Tel: 01926 814214   Secretary

EGBA Secretary, 2 Chapel Ascote Cottages, Ladbroke, Southam, Warks, CV47 2DB


 For further information on other breeds of goats and goatkeeping you could contact...... 

The British Goat Society                  www.allgoats.com

Or visit the following UK Goat Breed Websites:

Old English Goat Society          Old English Goats

 Anglo-Nubian Breed Society             www.anglo-nubian.org.uk

 British Alpine Breed Society          www.britishalpines.co.uk

 British Toggenburg Society                     www.britishtoggenburgs.co.uk

 Golden Guernsey Goat Society   www.goldenguernseygoat.org.uk/

Toggenburg Breeders Society                    www.toggenburg-breedersociety.co.uk

 Boer Goat Society                              www.britishboergoatsociety.co.uk

 Bagot Goat                           www.bagotgoats.co.uk

 Pygmy Goat Club                   www.pygmygoatclub.org

Other Links

Jennie Daniels Photography                           ttp://www.photoboxgallery.com/jenniedaniels

Stackyard Agricultural Directory          http://www.stackyard.com/index.html


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