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EGBA Secretary, 2 Chapel Ascote Cottages, Ladbroke, Southam, Warks, CV47 2DB

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2014 FACE of EGBA

 Be the 2014 Face of EGBA


Enter our photograph competition and your English goat could be our 2014 FACE of EGBA

Rules of entry:

         It must be a head shot, but taken from any angle.

         The goat may be male or female and any age.

         The goat must be registered at any grade with EGBA.

         The owner must be a paid up member of EGBA




General Rules

         Closing date for entries: DECEMBER 31st 2013

                 The photograph may be entered in either digital or photographic paper format.

         Digital photographs must be jpeg and less than 200KB, but please keep a full resolution copy. (Email me if you don’t know how to reduce your photograph.)

         All photographs must be taken during 2013.

         Entries to:

Postal entries with cheque to Mrs Chris Inglis, Mill House, Mill Road, Woodford,  Kettering, NN14 4HL.  Please enclose SAE if you wish to have them returned.

Digital entries with email to Mrs Linda Doyle, linda@allhistoric.co.uk  If paying by cheque for digital entries please send it to L Doyle, 2 Chapel Ascote Cottages, Ladbroke, Southam, Warwickshire, CV47 2DB.  (Phone: 01926 814214)


Sponsored by “Jennie Daniels Photography” and SPEEDI-BEET




EGBA Annual General Meeting  2012 Minutes

16th September 2012, 12 pm.                     At Nature Centre, Tilgate Park, Crawley

 In the absence of the Chairman, J Sotheran proposed and J Brown seconded L Doyle to Chair the meeting.

 Present: L Doyle, J & M Sotheran, M & J Brown, N Shepherd, L Dockerty, T & H Gent, C Holmes, N Osborne and 3 visitors.

 1  -  Apologies:. P & A Monument, R & C Inglis, I Mayes and K Pope.

 2  -  Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 15th October  2011: Proposed for acceptance:  N Shepherd    Seconded:  H Gent

 3  -  Matters Arising: Last year’s constitution changes have all been implemented.

 4  -  Chairman’s Report: In the absence of A Monument, L Doyle read the chairman’s report.  This will be printed in full in JEM and the EGBA 2013 Year and Herd Book.

     5  -  Treasurer’s Report:  J Sotheran presented the annual accounts.  This will be printed in full in JEM and the EGBA 2013 Year and Herd Book.  It was noted that finances are sound, helped by the reduction in printing costs and because council officers have not claimed travel expenses when attending council meetings. With rising petrol costs and the wide dispersal of council officers, it was noted that increased use of telephone conference calls has helped to offset both financial and time commitments for council officers, and while the Association remains in a strong position it should be possible for telephone conference call costs to be paid by the Association.  It is therefore hoped to attract a wider spread of Council officers.  

Accounts proposed for acceptance: J Sotheran   Seconded:  L Doyle

 6  -  Officers and Council: 

Chairman: A Monument – Proposed: L Doyle.  Seconded: P Monument.  No other nominations

Secretary: L Doyle  -  Proposed: C Inglis.  Seconded: R Inglis.  No other nominations

Treasurer: J Sotheran  -  Proposed: M Sotheran.  Seconded: L Doyle.  No other nominations

3 x Council Members for 3 years & 1 x Council Member for 1 year:

C Inglis  -  Proposed: L Doyle.  Seconded: R Inglis.

S Stevens  -  Proposed: C Inglis.  Seconded R Inglis.        No other nominations.

Co-options required:

N Shepherd  -  Proposed for 1 year: L Doyle.  Seconded:  H Gent

C Holmes  -  Proposed for 1 year: A Monument.  Seconded: L Doyle.

 7  -  Subscriptions:  J Sotheran proposed that the annual subscription remains the same for 2012/13.  Seconded:  J Brown.    Unanimously agreed. 

J Sotheran proposed that there should be some registration increases: Female 2yr & Male 1 yr  from 3 to 5.                 Herd prefix from 8 to 10                     Transfer from 2 to 3              

Late registration to remain the same at 10.  Seconded:  L Dockerty.    Unanimously agreed.

 8  -  Constitution changes:  The following constitution changes are linked together.  They were proposed on-bloc by J Sotheran and seconded by H Gent.  Unanimously agreed.

a)      “The EGBA membership year to follow the calendar year January 1st to December 31st”.

b)      “The AGM to be held between May 1st and July 31st”. 

c)      “The nomination time for Officers and Council to be reduced from 60 to 30 days”

d)     “The EGBA financial year to follow the tax year April 6th – April 5th.

 9  -  Registrar Office:  The resignation of J Brown as registrar was accepted and L Dockerty accepted the position.

 10  -  AGM 2013:  In view of the constitution changes the next year will be a short financial year and earlier AGM date.  Ideas are requested from membership for the venue for next year’s AGM.  After which it will fall annually at twelve month intervals.

 J Sotheran thanked J Brown for all her dedicated work as Registrar over a long period of  time.

L Doyle thanked N Osborne for providing the EGBA with the AGM venue, the excellent refreshments and the opportunity to visit the Tilgate Nature Centre which includes the Tilgate English goats.

 Meeting closed at 12.55pm followed by refreshments and a visit to the English goats and the Nature Centre.


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